Dealazer Tutorials on Mixing and Mastering Tracks! Watch them now!


This is around a 4-hour course on how to master and mix your track differently! Even more perfectly and even cooler with super unique values to the music of your production.

More different than anyone else! Making your track hot with this information!

So by going into my channel on youtube:

You will have to follow the How to make Wonder Trance tutorial.
Somehow you just do follow the green color Tutorial on that channel. Then you will learn by the use of the channel certain new techniques new tricks tips to absolutely anything in your music production.

Though you need to understand the levels right! And it’s a super-fast program. While I produce the tracks really fast!

Remember my vocals are low. Somehow the system was measured under Razer Kraken Pro and THX. Though I should had used earbuds, but then I wouldn’t have a full range of the bass.

But again, if you hear my vocals to low in volume, it’s ok, some producers don’t need to know. But then if you do, you just set the levels of your headphones to the maximum. And all you do is to listen to the tutorials by only headphones no phone no studio monitors unless they give all volume to all tutorials.

There is no other way. But again, you will become the best producer in the world, by means of quality!
And you will create #ChurchMusic  👌  at the very ends of tutorials!

And all you need to learn then is to apply this feature:

Yeah if you smoke weed you can’t follow up on your dreams, simple as that, it’s like somebody else took your place, but if you manage to stay with the tutorials and learn them even smoking weed. Then send me that shit to me! Dealazer DEA Lazer! The DEA agency! And I own DEA we need that weed for research for the whole population

The feature:

How mixing and mastering would be done by professionals? It’s all about Dynamics!






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