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6144 is one of these finest precision equalizers.

If your kick has that distortion, to even help your vocals to be more vibrant and unique, you probably need this for a sound with the addition of greater pop. To the greater range of sounds needed in mostly anything out there. The 6144 is the one and only.

We would not say use that parametric eq monitor when it’s dead to precision. But use it to reduce sound more precisely. The instruments could have a 1.0 Q drop of around -2.8dB at 3000Hz for your listeners to even have the possibility to distinguish from 10 to 20 different instruments played at one time.

You can set the range to Q with 2.0 pointers lower when equalizing up and higher Q around 4.0 when equalizing down. But that isn’t the same as for 3000Hz Center. But that indeed is the most dead needed adventure of equalizing.

While Q is a range.

Download: 6144 at LoopSwag


Great tool for quick precision equalize.

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