Technique: Effect sending to panned Mixer unit for more Stereo Uniqueness


With this tutorial, you will be learned a technique that Dealazer was performing for a long time now, on most of his tracks, but mostly the new stuff; this technique will teach you somehow the further step to even make a stereo in the mono of the mono. Perhaps this idea comes by effecting the sound only in a wet situation as an addition to the sound, but as well panned.

So let’s see here: We have mixer unit 4 routed to the Receiver at Mixer unit 7 as you see the cable.
Then by that, we as well pan to the right as you see the red color.

Send receive to mixer unit

In the next procedure we use a freqshifter which you can download here:

As we now have added Frequency Shifter to Mixer Unit 7. As a preset, we either chose Hibert Out or Extrem Steroid.

We again send the mixer unit to another one.
As you might see? We just turned off the Receiver volume to master at 0%, but you can, at this point, turn it off by clicking the connect button to Master.

Mixer unit how to change pan to single and send to

This effect can be used on multiple sounds as you send them to Receiver at a lower volume by adjusting how much you want to send to Receiver.

In Effector, you put in perhaps Fruity Delay 2?
With Fruity Delay 2, we turned off the DRY on the right side way down, and the only effect would then be WET. Meaning only an effect will come out as an effect.

How to use fruity delay 2 by no dry level

Remember that using plugins you get a dry and wet effect, sometimes there isn’t need to pan the sound to either of it’s Mixer Units, but you will gain more capability of having a better effect doing so.

You can at some times as well not use Frequency Shifter. Still, that type of procedure was increasing the level of stereo in the mono. Perhaps it’s hard to explain, but it does the work as if the right pan was played in perhaps stereo way, maybe that is explained furthermore as if the sound was rotating in the mono sphere of the right channel. Perhaps if you made your track mono and only on the right side, you would realize that the side channel had possibly stereo in within it. Mono is applying the copy of each of the sides, thus then having sound on both sides at the same time, the same sphere same system.


But you can as well use the effect in effector, but having problems as more stereo comes to gain, making it again stereo.

One pan has in control of relatively around 180 degrees of sound placement; in perhaps your headphone, you might sometimes be able to realize where the sound is. Many producers often make mono-stereo, which is usually just dull 2D sound, when more are moving into 3D sound systems and their sound sphere.

Perhaps by having the ability to distinguish your 3D sound would be more important than many other systems since the more stereo 3D music & track might be, the more pleasure you get as a listener and would prefer 3D as perhaps 2D sound.

TIP: You still might use different effects on this procedure, but there are as well thousand different ways to tweak your plugin and have the effect you were looking for. Perhaps you would want to have more use of the Effector plugins, you might as well add several plugins, but often that isn’t recommended, as multiple effects can cause diffusion and interference by themself.

Tip: You might sometimes reduce the volume level of the Effector to attend a lower volume of total effect going to the master. A wisely attendance is actually to listen to the whole track, and start from low volume, till you actually hear the effect, and then have a minimal-maximum level of your setup of the effect.

Tip: Yes you can use it on vocals! Remember the timing on perhaps the Delay you use.

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