The Ultimate SF2 Pack – You want it We have it! For Trap Production Globally Rap Beats

We have a collection of 127 .sf2 files for you to grab from our server.
Due to a lack of possible file sharing, we are releasing just the files below 2mb.
Our download buy of 320mb is now available here now:
This pack is for Rap, Trap, Emotional Trap, Gansta Trap, Trap in general. For rappers who produce beats.
It’s a great arsenal to your producing for any hip-hop beat even boom-bap. And this adds extra to your infinite production for several years in front.
This collection is sure to advance your production in other ways not possible.
You can count as each file is 1 sound. One special sound.
If you will want the other pack of 320mb of the rest sf2 files we will be happy to serve it to you at a price of 10$. Look down for the free download of 80MB.
Above max 2mb there are 64 Quality SF2 files.
That what is free are 127 files in one zip. Around on the web, but we host the download.
The download of the free download is 80MB as of download:

Download: Ultimate SF2 Pack at 80MB

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