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Some of our students struggled with EQ, and what to equalize right, somehow they don’t understand how to EQ the most rightfully way. A simple rule is to normalize, and as well to reduce the high density too lower levels. With Parametric EQ 2, you do it like this:

Recommendation on how to equalize

So perhaps you see here; We’ve reduced the density problem of the sound. Most likely, you would want to reduce these levels more from 3000Hz+ To around even lower levels. That, by the way with also monitoring your track on the Master with Maximus. So you have single Maximus loaded on the master channel for that process. And look into the HIGH channel and see what your levels played at a higher volume than -12dB would be, so often, we recommend Equalizing down the levels than just reducing the levels.

But that is not the learning tutorial of this. It’s to reduce the density of your sound; it will most often become more pleasant to listen to as well as it gives an absolute better value to the work of your track. And Equalizing is usually a very reduced way to think about it truly is essential for your track. Most even do not equalize and do several problems as of using equalization. So often, you might want to work on your skills towards Equalization; it’s not only monitoring that is essential. The use of enabled own intensive programs towards even your ears towards reducing levels of your sounds is the second most important thing in the world. The third is actually what height your volume is actually.

Remember, there are always ways to reduce your overall sound and to make it dynamic; the whole tutorial on how to make your track more dynamic than compressed is here:

To the end, sometimes you have density with even toms and claps and also snares to even hihats. Sometimes reducing the densest levels in these cymbals, they would be more pleasant to listen. So the first rule is to rule out the problem, second is to hear it, and thirdly to measure it.

But the above tutorial with link tries to recommend levels of 3000Hz+ to be as low as -12dB at maximum, and that truly is a remarkable difference to many. Still, these levels are absolute; they can’t be forced higher if you want right sounding track on nearly everything out there, from earbuds to phones to even car audio. These levels should at least be under -12db at the highest possible, even for most tracks. And higher concentrations levels can cause diffusion and sound problems to many artists, and the levels sometimes also don’t need to be yet -18dB at most, since -12dB spoken as of highest. The more you focus, having this sound underneath -12dB your music will most likely sound a lot better.

To many, I believe this applies nearly perfectly.

Quote: Don't depend on others person; Do your work yourself.... -Nisha Sharma

If you want things done? Well, try it yourself. Success doesn’t come unless you work for it.
Most here usually dump their self being the one out there because they are too lazy about nearly everything.
But if you follow up on other’s advice, then work hard to achieve the best state of art music. It takes just more accomplishment by doing things than being lazy and never get things done unless you are on the weed all the time, then I understand. But most do work, but not with improving the techniques; they often do what others told them to do. But the day you work for the success of the dream to make the hits and tracks that are needed will come true. There is still open room for anyone in this group taking their asses done by themself.
My most important rule to this is doing it all by yourself, do try out 1 million times changing all types of procedures to your working, then you’ll learn at least some of these grand techniques even most would dear to have at the very first day.
It even would be like putting your ass into work, maybe as perhaps creating 100 new presets to Sytrus today, tomorrow. Making your darn presets and never complain it wasn’t even the learning experience trying it out?
Something uniqueness is always in need of producers; those who use Nexus and Hypersonic never tend to get out okay, I mean. They lazy out the track and even more.
EQ your darn sounds, don’t lazy it out…
Quote: I never dreamed of success. I worked for it - Estee LauderQuote: Success doesn't just come and find you, you have to go out and get it.
But at the end, you did honestly read it all; We recommend you to look at different other tutorials that are about FL Studio Parametric EQ 2 around the net, there are plenty of them on YouTube. You might want to learn different available techniques, but what they most often don’t teach you is to reduce harmful sound and usually density, though this tutorial most likely would fade you upon the right solution.

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