What is distortion or saturation? How to implement the use of distortion in music making?


Firstly, it’s not always easy to explain what Saturation is, perhaps what distortion is, on the other hand, nearly the same specifics? Well, the Saturation you add on sound, or as well the whole track often lights up a new dimension of sound making. Perhaps it hits a different proportion in your music by using at least one product with distortion. Somehow the main cause that a sound is transformed into a difference of a wave called sine into something like a square. Pictures below describe the difference between a sine wave and square, which is often not a consistent wave but has spikes that are rendered in more different proportional wave than just sine wave.

Square Wave:

Sine Wave:

Often distorting a sound, your procedure to increase the distortion often result in a much higher dB just because you have enhanced the levels with crushing the Sine Wave. Such way you have to know that as well using wrong plugins perhaps 3rd party plugins you might end up distorting the sound because the sound is limited to 0dB. Be deviant of what a plugin might do; you might end up crushing your levels at 0dB with something that does not limit but cuts the upper levels of sound. Surely that is some distortion, but the results end up having cuts in the higher frequencies which can lead to some equipment sound harshly by creating pops in the speaker.

Towards making sound and music its often a good thing to know what distortion often can do to your sounds, these levels often tend to increase all frequencies from anything 200Hz upwards if they lack their proportion of sound level. Some just use distortion to gain upper height frequencies because you might suggest that the crushing is the source of explanation to gaining more levels from 200Hz up if you are dealing with perhaps a bass or trap drum, perhaps the levels will be better. Some often it can sound much far better for perhaps any types of drums.

Perhaps you’d didn’t know you could add saturation or distortion with Maximus? The level handler for saturation does increase saturation. Still, it might be misinterpreted by most people in such way they take the saturation into account to actually create awesome levels for speakers who render the music much far different than any other speaker, as perhaps laptop speaker. Such way you should know that applying nearly all types of Maximus presets you end up having a higher distortion level. So be knowing that using presets of Maximus might destroy your music. Perhaps at least default preset isn’t at least the same as well, as it distorts already at 0dB. The hard clip as it is called is applied by having to cut all frequencies above 0dB to smash them together into a 0dB hard clip. Hard clip often is as well the same that cause harsh levels. So know what you do with Maximus if you do not know.

Maximus is perhaps good to increase any levels of saturation with just increasing the levels with the curve you might see here. Many musicians tend to saturate as perhaps that is a lower level of distortion, as distortion is preferred to be used on distortion that is of huge amounts, the little levelling of distortion that you get most often is called saturation. You might see here on this Maximus you will see that the increase of high frequencies is added with just a little outwards curve on the left upper corner envelope:

There is this choice to use this solution or perhaps use it on specific sounds. Did you know that if you do want to create square sound into sine wave? You make this curve: “often it’s applied to the master channel.”

There is a wider choice for this when applied to sound that is 0dB just levels from -6dB are applied healing to square sound. So perhaps you would want to deepen the curve more and hit the volume increasing with Maximus as the PRE handler which can increase sound levels. The more curved as the above picture, the more reduction of square levels is performed.

So how to do distortion? Well, we like that people don’t learn mistakes from the very first moment, as perhaps you would deal with different ways of understanding how to do distortion. Use something called Fruity Waveshaper to create your logical distortion; it sounds much more professional and does the same thing as fruity fast dist. And often it is much easier to measure to what sound you could make.

Perhaps you would be not doing anything than to create this type of distortion to perhaps your drums, and you will surely get the below wave just by making this such type of distortion:

There are different ways you can distort if you like perhaps your mid-levels of your sound to gain distortion, but your highest levels to become at least not square? Then this preset might work:

So today’s lecture has set your proportions to learn much more about distortion. Still, perhaps you might know that you will have to master your own way to distort sound, perhaps it would be easy enough to make the sound you prefer then using specific presets that we’ve shown even just a singular increase of the curve out of its x, y-axis would just add a little more different sound level to anything out there.

Be careful to not go to the problems having 0dB limited applications that truly can destroy your music and at least be careful to not over-represent sounds in general with too high levels. Often a track that is good in quality has surely dynamics.

We’ve covered different tutorials, and one of them is about analog mastering with Maximus:

How to make that analog master with Maximus

So perhaps by trying to learn that limits are limits if you increase them too much, there are nearly no way back if you at least rendered the sound. There is no way to remove certain clicks that occur in sound because often a click might just come out of even 0-20Hz levels. Besides, it would help if you tried to learn how to perform an excellent way a preset in the Fruity Waveshaper. There isn’t nearly anything else you would want to know about distorting?

Several VST plugins can be used for distortion. Some of the best are easy to download from VSTplanet. The direct link for the best searchable way is this link: https://vst4free.com/search?term=distort.
Do know that FL Studio comes with several distortion plugins. But the best favourite plugin of them all is surely Fruity Waveshaper, and the additional difference is how distortion is performed on a track. Often it’s by different other effects that come in handy with distortion and the mix level.

Tip: Do try reducing the plugins mix level if the distortion is too extensive, by perhaps using the 100% mix level knob right side of the plugin in the mixer. That level can be set to 50% or even at 3-5% with different measurement of distortion, which then gives a different vibe. The mix level might be for some deviant of that music-making is some sort of other dimension or perhaps quantum processors who use the program widely different than anything out there known. So that perhaps the reduction in that knob might just give you feel of non-logic feel, perhaps when the effect stays with the use of it by percentage. This knob often uses a different measure that the input and output are different, even the throughput, which is by giving a different level of mixing the sound. Often a good option on several plugins is to use the knob set to 50%:

Easier for yourself would be to download and try out each and another distortion plugin. It is not only by just simpler distortion but distorting the sound by different processors might add an addition to enhanced sound levels by distortion or softer version saturation. Did you know overusing effects in your project might cause the listener to avoid the music? Often it is a needy thing to at least saturate sound but to distort not everything works by distortion. Simply because the sound is denser and often isn’t bass, but of course, you can still try it out, but often a change of 1% might be enough for most anything. The intensity is what you need to avoid if it’s too much. Enjoy!

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