How to use Love Philter Tips & Tricks “How to sidechain automate and auto-pan”


Here you see how to use Love Philter in another way.
You will learn how to sidechain with automation using Love Philter.

Its unique capability will let you use it differently:

First, you see the envelope as SAW wave. This is set to VOL as PAT.

It has 4 beats means the beat ends up on the black slope.

Set your point right to have the right placement. You can zoom in with the middle mouse wheel.

As you might want to differentiate a preset you can as well make sidechain as shown here:

The blue shows you to enable the envelope so it performs. That is a typical sidechain of one bar, it can do miracles to pads and ensembles. If you need that vacuum machine sound.

The last trick is the PAT-LFO trick to apply on hihats or anything that needs panning. You might want to use that on even your instruments. That way you create automation panning. This option is vibrant cool on certain things.

Remember you can always set your plugin to 50% or 25% depending on how many effects you really want to your sounds. Depending on what you do with the love philter.

Enjoy Production at a higher level!


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