Hybrid Ambient Alieno Synth – Analog Processing


One of these cool synths with different sounds than anything else out there.

Has that touch many plugins tend to not balance that right especially when it’s about analog ambient sound.

Alieno is Acrobatics’ peculiar performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation.

It is easily suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis.

The SCI-FI look and feel with 12 skins and plenty of original sounds in the extended library is included.

A deeper edit is guaranteed by the object-oriented graphic interface, letting you choose between different sound generators, filters, and modulations schemes just as in a spaceship environment. The machine sports also warp, delay and reverb effects: join the space battle today!

Download Alieno: acrobatics_alieno_202

Download from http://www.blank-media.it/acrobatics/ : http://www.blank-media.it/acrobatics/acrobatics_alieno_202.zip

8.0 Awesome

Unique sound processing!

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