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One of the best plugins you would need for your Trap production. Or beat or anything to even Techno. It has the cool sounds of wonder that you dear to explore. It is 10 times better than Nexus because of its 100% 32bit processing. And it’s a synth which creates raw tension of the product. While it used oscillators you don’t have a sound that is pre-recorded as if in Nexus. To that, you get the sound they recorded. Just remember to add some effects to the end of the mixer unit. Perhaps a love philter with some gating or if you try making different types of envelopes.


Their page is available for downloading plugins straight from the site:

Download links:






Noise Maker:

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100% Awesome

Super Plugins. Awesome for your production needs!
Worlds best possible collection of Wonder!
Will make your production top notch!

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