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With A1StereoControl, you are enabled to send your sound in a more stereo feel, making it higher class 3D sound. Also, by using this plugin, you might end up with a more beautiful end master of the project; you just put it into the master channel before your limiter or Maximus.

Remember to set Safe Bass to around 222Hz or 224Hz. To avoid stereolizing the bass frequencies.

By adding in with the widening of up to 150%, it will widen the whole tracks needed frequencies to more stereo. It is a new option and a further need for most tracks. It does not extend the stereo to bad, and it’s a cool plugin to use on the master channel.

Many producers tend to mix their tracks to little stereo, and this plugin helps a lot to increase the stereo of the track to a more wider space, which makes the sound a bit more cooler,


.dll A1StereoControl-x32 at loopswag.com 1.51mb

A1StereoControl original download site “Mac”:
10.0 Awesome

Super controller for stereo feel in 3D.

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