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At least we are ahead to understand that music production is related to learning wrong from the first time, and that makes you able to apprehend.

Sometimes we make music, sometimes we do equalize and all other stuff related to sound designing your track. And mostly we do what others do, we tend to do the same faults as anyone else as well, we learn to be lazy and we learn to overcome obstacles by programming our music.

Since FL Studio by itself is a gigantic mathematical system which for most is only resolved in a mathematical way, so for most we tend to use FL Studio as a programmable music program. Therefore most we do mathematical solutions. If you are bad in school and bad on doing things all the time, don’t ask that much for the help, but the day you decide to think school time is the most important to learn even its solely basic and you might not anyway learn anything there, but still, you learn the basics of most, still, even I would have increased the learning by attending school once again, its a regret I didn’t 100% follow what was there, and the little part of that just was too little. Making me learning advance things a different way, and for most in a hard way.

So what most learn is so problematic, that we should at least had done it another way, so think what you’ve should have learned. And that is a process to reduce your faults. And the worlds biggest fault that often is, is that you make music not using any sort of mixing or equalizing. What most need to unlearn is by using the volume handler next to the instrument. That’s often a fault, reducing the sound level even not having it routed to the mixer unit. So by just trying to insert the instrument into a mixer unit, you might cross over a problem where you once again increase sound levels because they are low in a new project, and you might have used the knob to increase the sound level out of proportion and even on the playlist with automation clip connected to this tiny knob:

You’ve seen that this knob is reduced to nearly 50%. Remember that if you put any sound out of the mixer unit the sound will become too high based on assumptions how awesome the sound sounded, and now it does sound wack. It’s about -12.7dB that the sound is played in the folder is about that. And the sound level often should be reduced to minimum-maximum levels, you might know this as important to do often on a certain sound. Routing the sound into the mixer you are able to put plugins on it.

The Route to free mixer track is the most important part of your production, and thus the most important thing you will put on the mixer unit when you are familiarized with FL Studio you put into the mixer certain plugins often called VST and not VSTi which is an instrument in the same format .dll file.

Laziness often serve the same menu
So perhaps you are able to understand that there are plenty of plugins to use, but most often we do tend to become too lazy, well a Cannabis smoking artist never did make a breakthrough so laziness is the worst thing about producing music, not at least if you smoke Cannabis for mental health issues, if it helps you most likely you are needing it, but perhaps smoking Cannabis has never been the thing that makes people focus on their music right. At least when you’re a little less lazy? Well, why not add certain plugins as Parametric EQ 2 and even Reverb on certain types of sound. And some even with Maximus.

What most do is to use Maximus Presets, but the only good one is actually the default preset, even if it’s not 100% good since the envelope is a hard clip, the hard clip makes awful sound sometimes, but what we are most lazy about is sometimes just preset making and making the sound more special.

What to do to form your sound little better?
By firstly people do use 30 minutes on average each day, then they increase it proportionally based on the free time each one has. Certainly, we work each day for a better future. People who do not test themself? Like perhaps trying to improve the sound by mastering tracks, they won’t be able to master a track later time. So use your time on producing music by increasing the failures to more failures, since by learning to master you will need many different ways to do it. Not just one thing might work for you, but you have to understand that the procedure to make a track sound better is based on 1% changes in your plugins, and there you can’t even do the little if you didn’t fail using it in the first time.

Each plugin might have its own way to be used. And the increase of just 0.1% in a track has much importance for the total product. So perhaps you would want to learn the plugins.

Learn your fault, and learn by doing failure
What most people tend to do is to learn their fault, learn their success. Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, and that is the thing we often need to understand making music. We need to understand how to create music when we can. The more you are open as well to random encounter. Means you do randomly just knob by knob edition of any presets you might discover certain things no else tried before. That happens as well when you make a melody.

You take first starting note and add it to the right note at first, but then either all other notes might just sound melodic if you place another test to next note play. Somehow if we reprogram us self you might add the addition of new procedure that way we are able to longly create better music.

Why equalizing is the most important part?
Equalizing is the most important thing about music as well, but well, the best earbud you could ever get was professional because it’s one of these really not expensive ones. Remember if you buy something that most does buy? You are buying an earbud with most likely filtering. So without filtering is the best headphone and the best earbud. Remember to master towards both these headphones and earbuds. Since the more, you change between several headphones you might discover what you a long time ago should do. At least discovering the harsh and bad sound levels as they magically are rendered for your ears. These harsh levels often are already bad in certain equipment as even THX with Razer Kraken. We have a link to the best producer earbuds and they are here:

They have all this same pattern on the earbud and they sound the worst ever with anything that is just not equalized well, or the quality is just made by adding in instruments and not doing any mastering or mixing at all. That is reassured that the track contains heavy bad levels either way on the mid to high frequencies.

Doing what is right
Our long deal with tutorials has struck us there to avoid problems with music, but all for most people do not have heads where they should have them, they walk in the dark of the music. Means that most wouldn’t be able to be ahead if they didn’t put themself to become strong in music, and that was truly the only way after. So over the course of several years, you might be able to go back into your project folder and edit whatsoever everything in your possession and asses that you need to make a new version.

Motivation is the thing
Depending on how you also work with music all is rooted in the consistency of this quote. There isn’t any other quote that describes the way to produce, even your way to promote yourself isn’t at all easy, but if you feel like the days you like to do, don’t ask for the total success rate of your position in the world. At least if you aren’t consistency and actually do care there isn’t anything that does help you otherwise you just stop up.

And of course, this quote as well describes the leading musicians of the world. And they aren’t lazy they try at least to increase their work just more than others by just failing.

And surely we would tell exactly what others should always do:
Quote You can never expect to succeed if you only put in the work on the days you feel like it.

If you are already interested? Why not check out the least expected tutorial, perhaps you’ll understand it more today? Today is when you care more about your music, and often those who read tutorials like perhaps these often end up being a league longer than anyone in production.

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