How to do a Proper Render? If Your Render is Wrongly Rendered


When you are trying to render your project, your .wav or .mp3 might sound as if it is not the same as the project.
So this happens to anyone, because of setting some plugins to render in render mode than in play mode.

There are several plugins that can sound bad or bader with rendering into .mp3 or .wav. Somehow some plugins like perhaps Sytrus does produce better quality. But some plugins produce lesser or bad or eventually awful sound as rendering process is used.

So perhaps you want to have your track to sound as your track when you play it. It’s been nearly mandatory for us to do this process since we never liked the rendered files in any way. Because we were using often plugins of 32-bit and even plugins with a different process. For mastering tracks, it was surely mandatory to have in play render.

So how to do this? How to record a whole track into a file as it plays?

First, we added the Edison to our Master channel at the end:

Then we would want to record with FL Studio with the Edison. Like this perhaps:

Set it like above on record ON PLAY for more than 10″ minutes if your track is a DJ mix perhaps.

Then render one .mp3 or .wav. And when you come back to the project after a single simple bad render. Your track will be recorded into it.
Just remember to use a plugin to reduce the volume of the track if you are using fade out. Often most plugins do have a final sound as perhaps Maximus with the POST knob to reduce the sound in the track. Often we recommend using Maximus on the master if the LOW CUT has been turned off. Either way, you can easily master your track by looking at the waves with Maximus.

And we recommend you to look at the spectrum of your track often when a bad quality track has to much yellow on the top of the track. Like here perhaps you only see the blue to red colour, as we reduced all levels with Parametric EQ 2 enough to have little yellow on the top of the wave.

Spectrum can be seen with Edison when you enable that option Spectrum. It’s nearly something that you really should have enabled in Edison.

So what to do? Open a new FL Studio after you have that above render. And drag and drop the wave into the new FL. Remember to turn off the Fruity Limiter in that project. Have a simple zero plugin project.

That’s the button to the right. With the button, you can drag to new FL Studio.

Then you can dither your track and make all conversions to other formats quick:

Your project will now be 100% the same as the play, even after rendering the right file in a new project.

Since the render has been done in the project we end up with better quality than a render from the project. Enjoy!

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