Making Notes in a very uniuqe different way? Perhaps adding a Flavour to your Piano or Synth-Pad


Theory Learn how to make notes

As you see here, we have an ugly process of piano notes made exemplarily solely on intuition; it does not have anything of value. Perhaps there are around 4.7 million different sounds in the world, and it’s expanding each day to eternity.

You start making these notes, and perhaps more natural would be filling them out “quantasized” – Quantasizing means they are in order or at least at a logic explanation of in a logic place by the given space.

We are trying to do something about this sound to make it different than ever before known that much, surely there was one FL Studio tutorial on this music theory back in 2010. But since then it never reappeared or truly is away at the moment in the big spammed Youtube.

At least we are showing you what to do next:

Theory on how to cut melody notes

Is that idea to make a cutting of the notes in specific of the line? Well, how do you do that? We use the razor tool you see the upper left corner? Well, it’s that cutter, and with that, we are going to perform this step:

How to make the cut on notes fl studio

That indeed only leads to one thing:

Notes that have been cut with slice tool fl studio

The notes have been cut open, and you see that the first note D4 has played a single short note and we just threw more razor-sharp cutting on the other note. It’s not hard; it’s not easy. Those who learn will master this more, and it will create a whole new adventure for many. Plainly what we show you the next? Is how you create something called Velocity. Velocity is measured by the computer to be used to measure how high something can be played, perhaps the volume of the piano notes. Maybe not all plugins do render Velocity as perhaps Nexus the ever lost worst plugin all use? What do you want to use? Sytrus is heaven!

At least you can make the Velocity, but you can at least open a new adventure to know that Velocity is how the music stays indifferent to all most tracks? Well, most tracks do not have Velocity, they lose their dynamic value, as perhaps the melody become less attractive, less catchy. Does not mean that all music becomes terrible, but at least you should at least work on Velocity whenever you can. It is cool for mostly kicks and hihats, but melodies? Well, if they only made that song on the radio in Velocity? Wow?

Theory on notes that has been cut

See what’s on the bottom? It’s the velocity heights; often the first tone has high Velocity, you will have to figure it out on your own, there isn’t always that this is true perhaps? But the way you make the vibe of your music that’s the day you ask for less.

Unique Tip: Perhaps making vibe with Parametric EQ 2 is by adding higher equalization range upwards, but yeah be remarkably tolerant not to use that solution to much. Since as well reduction makes the sound more clear, often with trying to remove dense density on specific instruments, which often is easy to do with hihats, and precisely claps and snares. You add taste as well that way, but you can over tweak yourself. Not only it’s possible only to make music either way. Without or with, but you reduce volume levels with Parametric EQ 2. Often compressor gain than just using the compressor is possible.

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