DeEssing on Syllables and s and f letters that clearly make the shii sound in your vocals and the hiss


There are several ways you want to reduce your volumes of syllables that make trouble in all mostly all track, we recommend all artists who want to be the real deal the ace.

Well, you gotta pay a penny about this, but anyway just listen to our tutorial.
As we say it’s probably the most important thing about your production in music! And it applies all artists!

First look at what we destroyed with our vocal: “NEVER DO THIS”
Since it will remove precious frequencies and makes your vocal dull.

First, we get a plugin called SPITFISH.
Download: SPITFISH at

While you see there we used around 5k Since 4k is 4000Hz.
Always remember STEREO enabling its intentions is to process your vocals as stereo most often you can use SPITFISH anywhere in the project and it’s not said that it needs to be first.

important: Always send 0dB limit to the plugin. If your vocals are higher than 0dB you need to reduce them or limit them with a compressor so you don’t get higher levels than 0dB to send to the SPITFISH or else you get distortion, we use often the reduction of vocals but the compression of Maximus with analogue proceeding on master channel is as well possible, but remember to turn off the bands since they can make hard clip on your vocals if they are above 0dB.

We use the second method it’s still possible, but what you do if your vocals are bassy? Well, your deessing gets problematic since your syllables are as low as 2000Hz. And that can’t SPITFISH control!

TIP: Always use a higher sense than depth.

So we apply Maximus:

You see in the picture above that we changed the bands to 2000Hz “2k”

Next process is the DeEssing:

As you see above the deessing is done with compression of the vocals, remember to make a curve that looks more analogue a straight line can make distortion. So it’s this envelope you need to edit to this level:

The second process you can try is as well this:

You need to edit these settings like this:

Remember to use this process wisely, there is another DeEsser called ModernDeEsser

You might want to edit the Threshold as how it should sense. But we don’t actually know what Ratio does, but width is how long range of frequencies you want to be sensed. Then release is how fast it should stop DeEssing as Freq is simple to understand.

Download now:
Download: ModernDeEsser at

Remember to work more:



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