Best Bitcrusher There is! .dll only


The best Bitcrusher in a simple plugin made by CMT

You change the downsampling up to an 8x for the cool feature of bitcrushing your 808 or even vocal. That feature is taking a break or a part that needs a pause in your music to another dimension. Just remember to set it on with different types of automation that surely only make the sound available for a short time. The volume knob of the plugin in the mixer unit can be automated for that option. To set a different level when needed.

This Bitcrusher can be used on nearly anything that needs a more higher frequency as well as crushing the sound into more bits. While 8bit is often Nintendo sound, you can as well make the whole track 8bit if you would like with even this cool plugin. But we don’t recommend that to all.


Bitcrusher v.1.01 available from our download:

.dll and there is no Mac version. Sorry guys. You might need to find a plugin that can simulate .dll files on Mac. Therefore it is easier to provide .dll only.


Bitcrusher at 300kb

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