Ultimate Short Samples Collection Volume 1.


With this collection, you can easily make your own cool sounds out of 1kb or 2kb sound samples. The collection is of 6803 samples ranging from 512 bytes to around 2kb. In two different folders.

You can easily put it into the step sequencer by dragging one sample out of the file browser when you copy this collection into your sample collection.

So by adding just a touch of this example:
The CROSSFADE was edited:

By small adjustment of CROSSFADE you can then as this sample simply loop the sample, of around 1ms.

By using that option your sound will most likely be a sound that can be used. For bass to even lead.

There are different samples that are unique and can as well be drag and dropped into your Sytrus.

Or even Harmor. Therefore you can use the waves that are in this collection for your own use.

This collection has been extracted out of .XM and .MOD files used back in the 1990s

These samples are pure .wav and range from 16bit to 32bit.

They are indeed high quality and can create awesome sounds as if you never been into the scene. It creates a more authentic vibe to your sound, and for most, it will blow out the speakers as being super exotic.

So this collection is super exotic, in means, there was never such pack as this one!

Enjoy this release made by Dealazer!

Download: Shorted Sample Collection at loopswag.com 7MB




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