How to earn 1000$+ worth of Bitcoin with Your 1$ left of debit card.


With different services on the net, you can earn your income with your debit card to sing up on different services that require you to sign for 0.01$ debiting your account.

That way you can simply sign up on 10-50 different services in your country and exchange that into Bitcoin.

Simply you need first one email account which you use specific to the earning, to avoid using your main email. That way you can create one at Hotmail or Gmail.

Then with having a bitcoin address, which you can get by signing up on the first link:

Then push on request and you will have one unique address: Which is many different numbers long.

Then by signing up on the services, you can use the long procedure as to remove yourself from the services one by one, or you can just simply remove your debit card from the bank and order new one. Which for most has 0 cost?

Join this site to use your debit card into, and there are a lot of different offers which require just 0.01$ signup. That way you can earn 1000$ in just a matter of few clicks!

Link1: WonderBits

Link2: SuperRewards

Join free bitcoins as well with your bitcoin address:

FreeBitcoins Faucet



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