How to make a Short Decay Kick with Sytrus and Master it?


First, choose to insert Sytrus to your sequencer. Then select the preset called Kick.

Use the Kick preset; You will have to change the Freq offset to 42.00Hz originally 50Hz.: 

Then edit your envelope to hit saw like to 1 bar like:

You can edit into this; It’s in the OP 1 of the preset.

Now change to the yellow OSC

Then adjust the lowest to the left grey from the white, so it stays at 75% gray.

That way, you will have a sine wave that is starting at a different time. It will make the kick have a blasted blip of sound at the hit of the kick.

Then change to yellow area “PITCH.”

To change the pitch, try to change the envelope with the two dots of yellow and red. From the original envelope to near like this one above. Making the last yellow stay in the middle of the line.

That way, your kick will have pitching from high to low bottom with a breakneck speed of pitching.

Now try to gain the kick with a higher level of Low frequencies:

Giving you gain up to 9dB extra. You will see the gain in the upper left control of FL Studio.

That will give you a nearly 0dB loud kick.

Now route your kick to a new mixer unit.

Then in the mixer unit, add Parametric EQ 2:

And do this kind of EQ to that kick:

You might want to remove more of the dominant colored frequencies after 100Hz. The need to lower the 100-300Hz field is because often kicks have a higher level of resonance at these levels, and thus then giving wicked problems to most listeners. IF your kick sound needs a lower level of higher frequencies, it is because it is the snap of the kick with higher frequencies, after increasing levels with either limiter or Maximus you will surely have to reduce these levels on mostly all kicks. And never remove totally.

Then add a Transient Compressor: And boost your kick again up to -2dB.

-2dB is mostly the highest you will need on any track. Having a higher kick level might hide many of your needed frequencies of the track. Any limiter might cause a problem to the kicks since they will make them bouncy in the overall of the whole track.

Enjoy your quite cool short decay kick.

Tips: You can add distortion to the kick with Fruity WaveShaper.

Tips: You can also do different solutions as adding more modulation to the kick by adding one of these into consideration, and applying the edit to the OP 2:

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