How to Sidechain your bass with kick some easy way


When you make a track, most often your bass and kick will play together.

This again can cause that kick is somehow at a higher level when also the bass is played. Making your track very different bad from many other newcomers who use side-chain.

To start with I did gain the kick and the bass to a certain level with Fruity Limiter. “Using the Gain” You will see limiting on the right Fruity Limiter. This you should avoid in all of your tracks. One spike that gets’s nearly hard clip limited. Which can cause distortion. So watch out on any compressor these levels.

Besides using the gain in Fruity Limiter is like doing the right thing. But you, of course, need to reduce the bad levels of your kick and your bass to do it further better. That is a hard problem for many, especially when their headset just plays the bad levels without no use of making you able to hear it’s too loud. So be careful what headset you use to monitor with

First, you should route your kick where you will have your Peak Controller to another insert in your mixer. Since when doing that we will setup possibility to change the millisecond’s delay of kick later. Remember to turn off the channel which is placed to master from the routing. Since you don’t want the double sound of the kick.

When you add the Peak Controller to your kick. When it has enough levels. Try to maintain the peak to reach high enough levels in the Peak Controller. That way you can have the peak controller to achieve best possible reduction of bass when the peak is on.

Now with your bass channel. Put Fruity parametric EQ 2 into the mixer. Then right-click on the white mix button of the plugin. And link to controller:

Then choose the Peak ctrl – Peak and push accept. Remember to turn off Remove conflicts if you use several basses:

In the parametric EQ 2 choose your preset 40Hz Cut.

Then drag from 40Hz Cut to 200Hz. Then just use the middle mouse wheel to make a curve like in this picture:

Most likely your bass and kick will be side-chained. But that’s not all:

You might need to set ms of your tracksĀ kick – If you have automatic plugin delay which is on next picture. Most of your sounds will be delayed automatic. In that case, you don’t need to set your kick ms if you already routed into other channel.

But anyway if you don’t use automatic, try setting it 6ms.

This is the Plugin delay Compensation – Most tend to not put it Automatic. Some tracks might sound weird.

Here it is most likely good side-chained:

Enjoy Sidechaining easy and properly.

Tips: You can set your kick at higher milliseconds – Up to even 12 ms. Since your bass has also delay from the plugin and through its plugins, up to 4 ms or higher. Making your kick come up on the bass. Setting your kick to delay is also a good option on specific basses. Especially off beat basses.

Important notice – FL Studio 20 has changed its use of ms option! Set -22 for 12ms -12 for 6ms




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