Why aren’t all musicians known to the masses, why are they silenced? Learn how to avoid the tincture of it!


Yes, masses the silent m asses…

Mainstream paid well to silence all producers!

Your effort to post anything gives you the fewer plays. The promotions are weak and offer nothing…

We are silenced as producers! This means a new future is ahead and plans to win the game for all participants in the following:

Create your own clan. People around you who you support, musicians who in fact will be able to promote you one day, on several social media. And you them for different ways.

The lonesome wolf does not win.

You need partners and collaborators, plans to work with others to achieve the dreams of becoming big.

Somehow it is by just trying the best in all means.

Not only is your music production one thing, but all your businesses needs to be perfect, and not only one. There are several things that need to work and perfected about your work. And if you do 95% of your system it will not be enough, you need 100% perfectaziation on all sorts of things.

Most will succeed that’s why Loopswag.com was made, it contains tutorials to quality. And with them, you are able to actually constrain a decent quality before your quantity.

If you make the quality you need as well the quantity. But first, of course, the quantity comes then the quality then again the quantity.

So Soundcloud killed the business, they were rotten the rot! And destroyed all the artists! They even fake the numbers on your following, and they destroy all musicians. I don’t say that about audiomack.com and even hearthis.at

But the rest is just junk, even Spotify to iTunes.

Some would like numbers to their plays, these come of course after quality, since people often scroll down on your tracks, never comment and never leave anything to it. If your quality is superb after the first quantity, means you can as well replace your tracks after you run up all the projects you had, beginning from the end to the start.

Start to the end, several times a year, you will learn to improve your quality. This means some producers like perhaps the one who runs this group, had like 100’s of tracks but he replaced them so around 5 times each of them, even greater quality at the end, all one by one.

You as well need release systems that you can get when you get into Orchard, that way you can easily produce a certain level with replacing all your uploads with the new quality type of the track. It takes time effort and not easily to perform. Replacing your uploads is maybe the same vital thing as well as paying for an advertisement for your business. It will take several months to achieve the best possible master and quality.

But by trying to work on it you learn new techniques as soon as you have 100 tracks, and you go up and forth to them and run the projects over and over again. Then you truly can after that relax and truly make the quantity.

It isn’t easy to proceed as a producer on several things, but gaining the ways to make sound, will ensure your stability in your work and techniques will come in a row for each time you run a new mastering technique from the start of all your tracks.

As I’ve said replacing and making new versions might be smart, as well as newest versions can be put on top of your list as especially on hearthis.at and it’s better than Soundcloud to promote your tracks!

Your listeners will then hear the newest and best from you.

Maintaining even the tracks you need probably the worst ever solution of headphones and earbuds. I recommend truly Razer Kraken Pro and super cheap earbuds that all buy. This solution not only gives you less filtered but as well most probably the highest level of resonance and noise in your setup, simply because if you equalize perfect in this setup, your tracks become nationally best quality, if you do so as well use several headphones and master specific best possible in all of them.

I even to this setup recommend getting the precious sound card to drive 100% authentic sound into speakers, as called SB-1300 made by sound blaster creative. With either SBX or THX. You even get the feature called Recon3D which enhances your sound into 3D matrix sound which gives you the possibility to make 360 degrees music where you even can get super-enhanced system to even know that both the Recon3D and the THX even need to sound similar, unless because Recon3D gives near-perfect sound levels it even can create a way to understand how to master under specific THX or SBX. Your track will become the best off all.

It might take 1-2 years to actually achieve a state of perfection to your tracks. It isn’t simple, but like me, you will then be using 1000’s of Parametric EQ 2 in your track and not just simply one use. There will be so much equalization that you freak out.

And you will hear a problem to around 90% of world music, even the best, even certain Mainstream, but you will surely know what truly is best, and even by listening to best possible mastered beats and their sites who sell 6 figures of beats. They often will sound perfect under such means of this system.

I hope everyone actually knows the fact about Gucci Headphones and it is plenty even soundcards to even specialized headphones do filter music to sound super good. And it wasn’t even spoken about anywhere. Few only are capable of knowing this.

But few systems actually play authentic sound, since if you make a headphone that stinks for music, you don’t sell the headphone simple as that.


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