How to use Fruity Vocoder in a very Cool way?


How to make that dank sound out of a fruity vocoder?

You will need 1. Vocal and 2. The carrier which is the synth.

To make the sound with ease you need to pan your vocals to the right and the carrier to the left.

Then send them seperate to the right mixer unit.

Just plot in a new unit in the mixer and toss a Fruity Vocoder in there.

As in picture the mixer unit, 5 is right panned which is the vocal and is linked to mixer unit 6.

And mixer unit 4 is the type of synth, most likely a string or a synth with no release or decay. Which is sent to the vocoder at Mixer unit 6 with a pan to left.

“Remember to play the notes with the carrier, which can be different from time to time or same as just you vocode the sound through the carrier. You can as well turn bands to 128 to have more room in the sound of vocals or at least 16 bands to form it more computerized.”

So here is a quick way to setup your vocals with vocoder, it can somehow sound as this; Which is just an added sound from computer speech in FL Studio but also vocoded. “128kbps 224kb .mp3:”

Tip: “You will most likely use the whole weekend searching after a carrier. But try the pads or the ensembles more than bass and synths for your vocals to sound more like a synth.”

Tip Advanced: “You can reverse a peak controller to remove sound if peak is not to loud enough reducing a ongoing record session of vocoder on the volume.”

If you want the project on how to do it differently as with above mp3 download the .flp project for no less than FL 11 is available here; 13KB.

Download: How to use Vocoder a Cool way a Project FLP at



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