How to make that analog master with Maximus


To make analog sound from digital to analog isn’t quite easy. But nearly possible with this tutorial;

Anyway, to make that analog sound, you have to maintain all envelopes in Maximus like this:

showing analog maximus limit

The highest sound will be limited somehow, but kicks are limited at already at -1.5dB here because they don’t need more senior levels than that. “Mainly focusing only on -6dB kicks will give you a room for thinking, since having higher than -1.5dB in overall the track will be limited to around that level anyway in the final stage of Maximus Master Channel. — Any errors will occur with jumps up and down of waves if you don’t limit at already -2dB.” If you use a master limiter. The idea by -6dB kicks is that you will make room for your sound to be played by radio at the most delicious sound level. Some equipment plays your maximum kick of 0dB or -2dB bad some don’t. But managing your kick at highest maximum your monitors do the better the sound will be, so keep the lowest possible.

Also, you don’t need to have higher levels of high frequencies more than -6dB at the most when your last band in Maximus in Bands is set to 4000Hz “high frequencies.” You will most likely never make that high level. So you don’t need higher levels to 0dB on high frequencies if you aren’t aiming to scream to people. -6dB will all go good on any release. Even Elvis to Queen had low levels! So the best possible high level for frequencies above 3000Hz is -12dB!

The curve as the yellow, which is high frequencies are set to enhance the high frequencies with distortion. Making your overall tracks sound a bit more of what you would like of. And is in the second preset downloadable from this site.

But since you don’t understand the feature of it in the whole, here is an explanation of a Sine wave through Maximus at master with all these options activated:

showing different waves

Now you see before and after made to a gentle sine sound. This is, of course, making the kick and even all frequencies more compressed sine. So if you are using square music, this will most often make it sound sine. So remember how hard the limit should be if you make noise in your tracks or with distorted kicks. So setting your envelope to -6dB and not allowing higher-level kick will make it sine wave. Distortion will not be a sound level of your kick.

The Maximus always needs low cut to be set to 0. Since it’s the downside of this plugin, and it does a lot of damage since it removes frequencies too much. Try instead put on a 20Hz cut Parametric EQ 2 if you need to remove under 20Hz.

how to use maximus properly low cut

The two presets for this plugin is downloadable from; “works on FL Studio 11 and 12”:

Download: Solid Mastering 0dB with Maximus at

Tip: Do mostly attend with -6dB to -9dB bass from ranges of 0-100Hz from ranges of 100-200. These levels go below -9dB. A good monitor is required, and it’s not always that just one monitor is enough. Some levels might not be hearable, and you might need different setups not to lose the ranges maximum levels.

TIP: When you have to deal with kicks or drums in this setup; Try to maintain a level of around 0dB or harder above up to +1dB. That way, your kick will be hard, kind, and pleasant play. Just remember to equalize anything from 100-22000Hz. But you can as well push your kick up with transient compressor or just Fruity Limiter. Just remember to equalize after then. Fruity Limiter is useful for gain on most anything. It drives sound 0.01 point distortion, and that’s well good enough for anything needing gain up.

Now you can focus on your mix rather than the stupid Master!

It’s no sense to have too many plugins on the master, even to work on the master until you finish the mix.

Using this solution on a mix will most often give you the results you look after, especially if you are five years of producer’s stage. Some people often use Ozone, but that again can create levels not under control. And can give some awkward sound levels of compression sound.

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