How to use Pitcher in FL Studio


This tutorial consists of three different tutorials for Pitcher:

You might want to use the Pitcher for your vocals.
To get a pitched vocal based on your playable notes.
It’s dead simple!

Insert a midi out in the step sequencer!:

how to change midi out fl studio

Set the “PORT” to 1.
Now insert the Pitcher into a vocal mixer unit!:

how to use pitcher fl studio

You see the MIDI button, push that one and then;
Change from .. to 1 on the MIDI Input Port Number: “Down on the left side on pitcher” After you push MIDI.”
On some midi input, it will sound like this on anything:
If you have set the midi notes to play in the step sequencer “piano roll.”

We show how, so download our project on; FL11.1.1+ to FL12+: 9kb.
pitcher project at

Tutorial 2:

Also, to use Pitcher as a diversity of auto pitching, you might need to set the perimeter from Minor to Major.
Also, try to set the C note to anything, and your auto pitching to even E. That’s in the controller.
Then change the Pitcher to fast, and it’s better of with Fast. Depending on how many notes you’ve disabled as in tutorial 3.
The fine-tune you might not need to touch or else it might be out of tune. As well as your gender, you should set the right to what it is, but you can get your male voice to tend to be more feminized. But the fact is that women have a lighter voice, so you are then trying to set the vocals either tenor or alto but by what reference you have, so set your vocals at perhaps C note and not F note if your vocals are bassy type.

Also, turn off the MIDI in the controller to enable this feature!

Tutorial 3:

Use the Pitcher to remove specific notes, and not use them, you will sometimes hear a slight tuning on your vocals, but they will arrange towards the best possible pitch. At this Pitcher, we removed only the D E and G. You can also push the button Harmonize to add additional harmonizing of the vocals.

Pitcher preset

PS. Don’t use MIDI on automatic pitch change and octaves turns also on midi.

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