What is the best app for creating cover art for an album? Gimp!


Someone asked the question, and we reply with GImp 2.0 as the best and easiest. You will truly have to learn how to operate both the layers and how to do the layers in even Photoshop, but this program is smarter than Photoshop in its basic way.

Sometimes when making a logo for your brand band or even making covers, you will need to attain specialized courses on the internet to understand how to make a design. There are different tutorials on the internet. But we’ve found the best Gimp 2.0 tutorials, and they are right at the link on the bottom.

We recommend you using Gimp 2.0 Because it’s convenient in the use of it, only because it has the same capabilities as Photoshop would have. But you don’t need to use your precious time getting Photoshop, which is even costly enough to start up on your system. Most do not have enough ram and power to make large pictures of perhaps 8000×8000. Thus maybe only Gimp 2.0 would be better to start with. It even has error recovery, and you can save projects and use them on Linux, perhaps.

The download link to Gimp2.0 is here: Gimp2.0

We implemented many different features to proceed to become as well interestingly good by design. And it wasn’t easy the first beginning. First, this picture below could take us 4-6 hours to make. And the struggle was hard, but as soon as we made several different things, this came to us in creating of just 10 minutes. It became apparent fast.

Created with GIMP

If you don’t start on anything today, you might not be happy thinking of the day you start in the future, and it would be a better thing to start now than one year ahead.

The more you attain by trying, the more you as well create, wasting your time to mingle and do nothing as your thinking tells you this is either boring or I can’t do it, or I don’t want it takes so long time.

The time you start off doing something in your life, it either will be promising.

There was one girl who said once, yes to all things. And then she was yes all the way and even had time for everything. By replying to all and also doing everything all ask about, you still have time in your life. But you learn so darn much more doing the things, and not waiting for your time into this planet.

Often you will gain particular ability by doing things, and it’s not easy the very first morning. As well for production with FL Studio the day you are lazy, you always be lazy and never produce the happening of your life.

It all started by saying yes to do all things. Even your daily routines and life…
Here are the excellent tutorials on Gimp! And they are not few!:



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