How to send projects to others? – FL Studio


How to send your projects is simple to others!
For united collab and making tracks bigger Better and sounding great!

Collabs need new input maximizing the effort! That’s how the producers of greatness do!

You need to do it fast as well!

But to send over:

Save the project in a folder and save the .flp

Then you can export all data files into the folder:

Then zip the project and send!

You can do pre-preparation and use macros to purge unused audio clips as well deleting the Edison of recording in the FLP and save as new version:

That way you send only files that are in use in the project!

And send away more projects to collaborators!

Maybe some do it better than you!

Then you can send 25mb zip with email or if you need higher levels of files!
Use your partner’s email as well!

You can as well save your vocals as .ogg in the project high quality!

And as well send lower level of files!

TIP: Save the Edison recording as loading it as a file and then save the file as .ogg and load it up again in the project as the file that is used most likely is wav 32 bit. Making it a load of size!


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