Project Fix – Get Balanced and Ready To Release FL Studio Project

$15.00  /  0.00031 Ƀ

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I will make sure your project is looking as best possible towards mastering techniques you surely will learn towards the process of making it possible. You will have your project filled with 100’s of Parametric EQ 2 to justify the need for equalization of a project.

You will get most types of instruments being changed into Sytrus presets. That sounds much better and are properly made. You will have a dominant kick and the mastering process will be to enhance levels to more perfected levels of -6dB kick -9dB bass -6dB mids and -12dB highs from 3000Hz up.

Your project will shine and your problems will diminish. You will be guided in the future of the project and you will get a unique touch of your project. I will also send you messages of all the projects mistakes that you’ve made so you can proceed with better sound production.

I will call you on Whatsapp, and you can send me the project.


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